Legion Hot 1 Slot Demo

Legion Hot 1 Slot Demo: Slot Game That Promise RTP Up to 96.37%

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In this article, I will invite you to get to know more deeply and try the Legion Hot 1 Slot Demo. Wanna know? Let’s see the full review through the summary below.

Titans of the financial world, Goldman Sachs was memorably pictured in Rolling Stone as an octopus with tentacles extending all over the world, demonstrating how far-reaching and influential they were.

Yggdrasil Gaming, whose YGS Masters Program is snatching up partner studios like there is no tomorrow, is perhaps not yet as well-known. Hot Rise Games, a new independent designer, has also joined the group. Legion Hot 1 Slot Demo, their first ever game, is set in the heyday of Ancient Rome and employs a novel cycle-based collection system.

Between two different places, Legion Hot 1 alternates. One is an ideal pastoral landscape that is reminiscent of Tuscany’s peaceful rolling countryside, complete with mountains, mists, and Cypress trees. The second image is Rome’s sprawling built-up city, which was constructed on seven hills.

The juxtaposition of the settings highlights how incredible it must have been to go from the countryside to the city in those pre-modern times. The soundtrack in Legion Hot 1 Slot Demo progresses from a whirling orchestral tune to a more choral drama as the action picks up. The backdrop images have a grainy, almost watercolor feel to them.

Because the selection continues after you reach the minimum amount of 30 p/c, use caution while choosing wagers. If you were intending to min bet, one further click of the minus button may accidentally put the game to its maximum stake of £/€90, devastating your bankroll. Legion Hot 1 Slot Demo is a somewhat volatile slot machine that revolves around gathering shields to increase its reels’ size from 5×3 to, at most, a 3-5-5-5-3 layout.

You should be aware that the RTP is 96.37% overall, but only after the player has finished a collecting cycle. If they don’t, according to Hot Rise, the RTP begins each cycle “much below the reported RTP.” RTP increases as the game goes on and more grid spots become available, but it will never reach the theoretical RTP until a cycle is finished.

The initial 5×3 mode of Legion Hot 1 offers 243 winning combinations. When three or more identical symbols appear adjacently starting from the first reel, a combo is triggered.

There are up to 1,125 ways to win when more reel places are added. The first four symbols on the paytable are Jack through Ace, and the next six premium symbols are axes, plumed helmets, goats, lions, eagles, and coins. The reward for five of a type wins from the later, higher-paying group ranges from 1.33 to 16.66 times the wager. The furious legionnaire wild symbol can show up on reels 2, 3, or 4, and it can replace any other symbol outside the bonus.

The objective of Legion Hot 1 Slot Demo is to gather 4 bonus shields on a single reel in order to start a cycle of free spins. Only appearing on reels 2, 3, or 4, bonus shields enhance the reels they land on. These advancements happen in a certain order:

  • A reel’s bottom fourth symbol place becomes available when the first shield appears on the reel.
  • The fifth place at the top of the reel is opened by the second shield.
  • At the top and bottom reel locations, the third one adds an x2 multiplier.
  • Finally, 10 free spins are awarded when the fourth bonus shield acquired lands on a reel.

Bonus shields do not accumulate during free spins; instead, they act as an x2 wild multiplier for all symbols. For the round of free spins, all adjustments to the grid made during the base game are carried over. Additionally, extra x2 bonus wild symbols are added to the reel(s) that activate the bonus game.

Everything will now make sense, even though the “Hot 1” portion of the game’s name first sounded a little odd. Each bonus round’s final free spin is the Hot 1 spin. An x2 multiplier is applied to the top and bottom positions of reels 2, 3, or 4 once a random reel number is selected.

The grid is reset to its initial 5×3 configuration when the free spins are finished. Free spins cannot be retriggered and should theoretically be awarded after 100 spins of the base game. However, if it’s legal where you reside, you may purchase them for 50 times the stake.

Legion Hot 1 Slot Demo: Conclusion

There are ups and downs to Legion Hot 1 Slot Demo, but the downs stand out more as you go. The primary issue is that in order to activate the bonus game, you must gather four shields on a single reel while accumulating game upgrades along the way.

Is it truly an improvement, after all? Are you improving something or only levelling the playing field given that the regulations stipulate that RTP is much lower at the beginning of a collection cycle?

After a few rounds of free spins where you are stuck in the red without seeing any improvement, it might feel like a fight to return to baseline. However, Hot Rize Games is at least explicit about this in the game sheet, and the RTP value is applicable after cycles are finished.

On the plus side, Aw8indo slot site gamers that enjoy a set of reels that are continuously changing or new modifiers that suddenly appear may enjoy the dynamism of Legion Hot 1. There isn’t a lot of waiting around for things to happen because wins occur at a rate of 1 in 1.58 spins and the feature theoretically triggers every 100 spins.

The maximum payoff on Legion Hot 1 isn’t particularly thrilling; the most you can win is 2,525 times your entire bet, however the Hot 1 spin that contributed to that sum would have to be quite heated indeed.

Hot Rise Games earns some credit for being innovative for a debut slot. However, being different isn’t always a good thing, and after a few cycles, Legion Hot 1 Slot Demo unique elements begin to seem more gimmicky than inventive.

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