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Magnetz Slot Review – RTP, Volatility & Bonus Features

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Before novelty was gone, all inventive and eccentric games had an alluring aura. This is of course the case with Relax Gaming’s latest release, Magnetz slot, which uses magnets to literally suck symbols sideways onto the four grids. 

Yes, you will be playing with four identical 3×4 squares in this game, which will be expanded and combined in different ways during the extra odd features of the game.

Magnetz Slot Review

These are not your normal grid slots, and the bonus rounds are where most of the action happens. The game is set in some kind of futuristic/dystopian factory, and it’s a graphically appealing experience.

The rotating core magnet is a nice touch, and the game has “oddly fun” beats. This can trigger the Flux Respins feature, which is a nice diversion from the main game and your best chance of getting enough bonus letter symbols to trigger a free spins round.

Due to the large grid size and low symbol value, the basic game is very difficult. It’s also impossible to get the most winning cluster as the maximum number of symbols you can get on a single tile is 12. However, matching core magnets cause the grids to merge, increasing the cluster size to 20 symbols or more, which pays the most.

This is much more likely in the bonus round, where you can win up to 2,000 times your investment. Overall, Magnetz is entertaining for a while, but the small grid makes it feel constipated and limited, and its potential isn’t that great for a volatile game.

Bonus Features

In this game, there is a wild symbol “W” which can appear anywhere in any of the four squares. This will replace all other symbols and help you in forming winning combinations. Sometimes a wild symbol will appear with a multiplier from 1x to 5x. The multiplier value will increase if you get more than one wild multiplier in the winning cluster.


Each spin, the four central magnets (1×4) spin and display one of the six regular symbols. When you land at least 5 symbols that match the adjacent center magnet, the Flux Respins feature is activated. All other symbols are removed from the grid and trigger symbols are glued to the center magnet.

Also, if a wild symbol lands on the magnet, the respin will continue as long as you keep adding matching symbols to the cluster. During the Flux Respins feature, bonus symbols will appear more frequently, and this will continue the process as well. You can also activate a new Flux Respin spin by landing 5 matching symbols on another grid that matches the relevant core magnet.

The Magnetic Merge function is activated when the same symbol appears on at least two adjacent core magnets. The grids involved will effectively combine, making it easier to activate Flux Respins and/or get bigger cluster wins.

Free spins

In the row separating the top and bottom grids, you’ll see the word BONUS spelled out. Each letter lights up by pressing the matching bonus symbol, but resets with each successive spin. This implies that in order to trigger an extra spin of free spins, you must land all five letters in one spin or get lucky during the Flux Respins feature.

During the Flux Respins feature, you’ll receive more bonus symbols than in the base game, which seems intentional. When the entire word is highlighted, you will receive 5 free spins, which may not seem like much. However, during the bonus rounds, you will receive more Flux Respins, not least because the top and bottom grids merge into one. Instead of the standard 4 x 3×4 setup, you will be playing on two large squares with 9 rows and 3 reels.

Magnetz Experience 200 Rounds

We enjoy fresh ideas and creativity, which is why we look forward to our 200 spin test session on the Magnetz slot. We were excited when we set up 10 play money credits each spin and loaded in our first 100 auto spins because Relax Gaming has done something different here. The highlights can be seen in the video below.

Magnetz scores a 7.5 out of 10 on our unofficial “strangely fun” gameplay scale because of its rhythmic sound, which reminds us of a beating heart or a pumping breathing machine. On this scale, a 10 indicates that you don’t care whether you win or lose, while a 1 indicates that your belly is bloated. By enabling the fast play option, the speed is amazing, with very few lags or annoying issues.


Due to the extreme volatility, we have our fair share of dead spins and smaller wins. In fact, the first 100 spins were mostly mediocre, which is why the video only shows the last 100 spins. We got a 4x win by filling half of the 4 squares with the purple crescent symbol. It may not seem like much, but it stands out when compared to what we usually get.

Not long after, the Flux Respins feature was triggered, and we’ve spelled “BONU” in trigger spin. The next respin gave us the S we needed to complete the kata, triggering the bonus round with 5 free spins remaining. We got a Flux Respin win of 5x in our first round thanks to the expanded grid.

In the following rounds, we scored a smaller flux respin win, but the free spins tally fell too quickly for our liking. We ended up hitting something close to paying for the dirt with one round remaining. A large group of yellow pyramid symbols triggers Flux Respins once again, and we managed to win 15.5x this time. Overall, the bonus round returned 25.5x our stake, which isn’t all that great, but it’s likely we’ll be back at some point.

Summary Of The Magnetz Slot Review

It’s always risky for developers to stray too far from a provably correct slot pattern, but without it, we’d still be spinning 3-reels with fruit symbols. Relax Gaming deserves credit for trying with the Magnetz slot, but there were a few things that stood in the way of it being a big hit. First of all, the four small squares feel cramped and stifling, and they’re not big enough to deliver more than 20x the win if one of them is filled with the highest paying symbol.

Final Conclusion

Another feature is the long interval of dead spins and minute wins. It’s not motivating to start over if it’s followed by a boring bonus round (like the one we experienced above). 

The Flux Respins function helps to smooth things out a bit, but rarely makes big profits. Novelty can only take the game so far, and we fear this one will require further refinement and tweaking to achieve long-term mass acceptance.

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